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Bullet Proof Glasses

Ballistic Glass (Made in UAE)

KANAS is manufacturing bullet proof glasses in UAE. We do have an arrangement in Malaysia to produce bullet proof glasses for South East Asian region requirements. KANAS is supplying bullet proof glasses since 20+ years and have international labs certifications and we are recognized as one of the best quality in the world market. Our focus is to achieve the highest quality and best sales figures by manufacturing and supply world class quality ballistic glasses. Our glass manufacturing / structure is most stringent for military grade BRG glass productions. We produce bullet proof glasses for:

  • Military applications
  • Homeland Security projects
  • Law enforcement & government buildings
  • Court rooms & Judge’s chambers
  • Embassy & consulate buildings
  • Vehicles, Helicopters and Sea Vessels
  • Safe / panic rooms / Bunkers
  • Banking sites / Cash collection centers / ATM machines

Our manufactured bullet proof glasses are of high quality with clear vision. Our bullet proof glasses are manufactured in the supervision of our qualified technicians and using premium quality raw materials. These buying of raw materials are closely supervised to gain the highest quality of glasses. KANAS Bullet Proof Glasses come in curve and flat and we can produce any designs of your need. Sample glasses are available on display in our UAE corporate office.

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Bullet Proof Glasses

KANAS Bullet Proof Glasses

Our bullet proof glasses are tested and certified with high quality and with clear visibility.

We manufacture ballistic and special safety glazing for different types of vehicle models, marine use, light weight ballistic glasses for airplanes / helicopters, flat glasses for high risk facilities and different other industrial commercial sectors.

Every year we do inspections of our quality management system to ensure the same best quality and to make any possible improvements in production processes. We also invite our customers to inspect the production of glasses for any of their input. All production is quality approved by ISO.

Our glasses can tolerate extreme weather conditions in high and low range temperatures. Our glasses are tested by various military production teams by freezing and heating the glasses before shooting tests and we are successful for such critical testing.

We always ask our customers to test our glasses in every aspect before giving us large quantity orders for the better satisfaction of end users. Although our glasses are tested and qualified. Vehicles equipped with our ballistic glass are operational in all kind of environments whether deserts or mountains in high and low temperature areas and we have very satisfied customers across the world that confirms our excellent ballistic glass performance. Our equipment and technical staff are ready to serve your any size of orders.

To stop de-lamination, we make our glasses with a combination of multiple glass layers, polycarbonate and the seals are of cutting edge technology to stop delamination.

There are success stories where the vehicles equipped with our glasses withstand blasts and severe accidents by saving passengers lives.

20+ experience of our production people enabled us to produce high quality glasses.

Our extra clear best optical quality and high finish are the part of any application of bulletproof glasses.

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Bullet Proof Glasses


KANAS manufactures its glasses for armored vehicles and buildings. Our bulletproof glasses are widely used in armored vehicles from level BR4 to level BR7 protection and STANAG I, II, III and IV levels. We are providing flat glasses for high-risk facilities such as for Governmental buildings, Embassies/Consulates, Banks/Money Exchanges, armed forces and security agencies. Our production people have multiple years of experience to produce best optical quality and finishing of the bulletproof glasses. For high rise building we can supply laminated sandwich glasses as well.

Military Application

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Bullet Proof Glasses

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