Self Sealing Fuel Tank: What You Need to Know

A self sealing fuel tank that seals itself when it is broken keeps fuel from seeping out and igniting. The safe storage of gasoline is made possible by a multi-layered technical solution.

A layer of vulcanized rubber and a layer of natural rubber that hasn’t been treated, which may absorb oil and expand when wet, are both included in self-sealing tanks together with reinforcement fabric. When a hole is made in a fuel tank, the fuel seeps between the layers, forcing the untreated layer to expand and plug the hole.

The gasoline tank is fully protected when it has the specifically developed self sealing outer covering. Leakage is nearly nonexistent when the gasoline tank is hit hard, fired at, or subjected to assaults. Fuel is kept inside the tank by sealing the entry and exit openings. The likelihood of gasoline spills igniting is reduced as a result.

Self Sealing Fuel Tanks
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The Benefits of Self Sealing Fuel Tank

A self sealing fuel tank serves two purposes:

  • To stop leaks in the tank caused by bullets
  • Prevent a fire from starting

It serves to safeguard the fuel in the tanks and to boost passenger safety.

An aircraft or vehicle tank’s self-sealing protection is designed to stop leaks from happening when it is penetrated by projectiles like 7.65mm to 14.5mm rounds. The range, autonomy, and safety of the vehicles’ occupants are all unquestionably increased by these tanks. When a self sealing tank is punctured, fuel seeps into the various layers, some of which, by expanding, will close the breach.

Metal tanks and petrol tanks placed on refueling vehicles or trailers are likewise protected with our self sealing technology.

An Example of Self-Sealing Tank Use

For armored, military, or law enforcement vehicles that are more susceptible to perforation damage, this type of gasoline tank is particularly effective.

The highly robust qualities of self sealing tanks can help other types of vehicles or equipment in the event of unintentional damage, including:

  • Drones
  • Boats
  • Refueling vehicles
  • Tactical Fuel Depot
  • Fuel tank truck
  • Civil or military aircraft

Safety First

The KANAS Group, an UAE corporation, is the creator of this exclusive technology. With more than 20 years of experience, KANAS self-sealing fuel tanks provide a guarantee that the vehicles of our clients will be armored against bullets up to 7.62 AP caliber. Numerous treatments are available, and they can be used individually, in accordance with STANAG requirements, or on the clients’ requests.

While operating the car, you check to make sure that all parts are operating in accordance with the terms of the contract, but can you image what would happen if the gasoline tank caught fire and exploded? You must use a safety treated fuel tank that is self-sealing, anti-grenade, anti-explosion, and safe from fire hazards rather than simply protecting the fuel tank with mild steel or ballistic steel plate. Using a gasoline tank that is extremely safe in armored vehicles is crucial. We have many gasoline tanks for your automobiles in our inventory. You must choose the course of action, and we will provide you with a licensed gasoline tank to protect you from potentially fatal threats.


Prior to World War II, self sealing fuel tanks were invented, setting a new standard for aircraft survival. Their straightforward and dependable technology has remained in use for more than 60 years despite the significant changes in the aircraft they are used in. But the traditional self sealing method is widely viewed as a dated technology that has to be updated. The new generation of self sealing fuel tanks must maintain the previous designs’ unwavering dependability while giving warfighters crucially improved survivability in air and ground vehicles.

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