Bulletproof Glass

At first glance, the bulletproof glass looks like an ordinary pane of glass. But, the appearance is only common between them. The bulletproof glass is a multi-purpose protective glass for vehicles and structures that need an additional level of security. It is designed to withstand one or many rounds of bullets depending on the firing weapon and the thickness of the glass. Bulletproof glass reduces the velocity by absorbing the energy from the bullets. However, it is not fully impenetrable. It means that “bulletproof glass” is more commonly used to describe the product but a more accurate term is “armored ballistic glass or bullet-resistant glass” similar to a “water-proof” watch or “water-resistant watch”.
Bulletproof Glass

The word bulletproof glass is commonly used to describe a material that offers a certain level of resistance against ballistic threats. However, this is a misnomer, since no material can completely protect against all types of bullets. No matter how well-designed the material is, or how high its protection level, the glass will eventually give way to a persistent ballistic attack.

Most bullet-resistant glass products are actually made of polycarbonate, acrylic, or glass-clad polycarbonate. The level of protection offered will depend on the material used, how it is manufactured, as well as its thickness. While no material can truly be bulletproof glass, Insulgard Security Products offers innovative bullet resistant glass and glazing technologies to offer physical protection against ballistic assault. Not only can our bullet resistant materials safeguard your staff and assets, they also serve as an effective theft deterrent.


Because of the durability of this material, rocks, stones, bullets and other heavy objects won’t get into the premises when bashed on the glass. A gunman can stand and fire a shot directly at the glass without compromising the people behind the glass. This is a huge advantage to high risk businesses.

  • Acoustic comfort: the laminated composite of the glass increases the acoustic value compared to ordinary glass with the same thickness.
  • Thermal comfort: the single and laminated edition of the glass increase the thermal comfort.
  • Visual comfort: the usage of coloured foil instead of clear foil improves the visual comfort.
  • Protection from Ultraviolet Radiation: the folio stops all UV rays and thus protects against discoloration of the exposed.

Environmental effects

The properties of bullet-resistant glass can be affected by temperature and by exposure to solvents or UV radiation, usually from sunlight. If the polycarbonate layer is below a glass layer, it has some protection from UV radiation due to the glass and bonding layer. Over time the polycarbonate becomes more brittle because it is an amorphous polymer (which is necessary for it to be transparent) that moves toward thermodynamic equilibrium.

An impact on polycarbonate by a projectile at temperatures below −7 °C sometimes creates spall, pieces of polycarbonate that are broken off and become projectiles themselves. Experiments have demonstrated that the size of the spall is related to the thickness of the laminate rather than the size of the projectile. The spall starts in surface flaws caused by bending of the inner, polycarbonate layer and the cracks move “backwards” through to the impact surface. It has been suggested that a second inner layer of polycarbonate may effectively resist penetration by the spall.

Over 20 Years of Experience Manufacturing Bulletproof Glass

At Kanas Group we have over 20 years of worth of experience in manufacturing ballistic resistant glass, helping to improve the safety of those whose work and lives take them into volatile situations and dangerous terrains. We take our work as bullet-resistant glass manufacturers very seriously, as the high quality of our ballistic resistant glass can prove to be the difference between life and death.

Kanas Group can address your unique security concerns to create a custom solution using bullet resistant, or bulletproof glass. We can design a system using material that meets your exact requirements for ballistic protection. With thousands of successful installations in banks, government institutions, retail stores, health care facilities, pharmacies and more, our team has the necessary expertise to create a secure and aesthetically pleasing bullet resistant solution for your protection.

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