TLC 300 Kit

KANAS is manufacturing ballistic glasses in UAE. We do have an arrangement in Malaysia to produce ballistic glasses for South East Asian region requirements. KANAS is supplying ballistic glasses since 20+ years and have international labs certifications and we are recognized as one of the best quality in the world market. Our focus is to achieve the highest quality and best sales figures by manufacturing and supply world class quality ballistic glasses. Our glass manufacturing / structure is most stringent for military grade BRG glass productions. We produce ballistic glasses for:

  • Military Applications
  • Homeland Security Projects
  • Law Enforcement & Government Buildings
  • Court Rooms & Judge’s Chambers
  • Embassy & Consulate Buildings
  • Vehicles, Helicopters And Sea Vessels
  • Safe / Panic Rooms / Bunkers
  • Banking Sites / Cash Collection Centers / ATM Machines

Our manufactured ballistic glasses are of high quality with clear vision. Our ballistic glasses are manufactured in the supervision of our qualified technicians and using premium quality raw materials. These buying of raw materials are closely supervised to gain the highest quality of glasses. KANAS Ballistic Glasses come in curve and flat and we can produce any designs of your need. Sample glasses are available on display in our UAE corporate office.We always insist our clients to test our glasses before ordering us for their own satisfaction. Various military organizations have tested our glasses and have become our regular customers. We invite you to come and visit our glass factory and order us some sample glasses for your own testing.

If you have a question which has not been answered here, or you have other inquiries please email ator use our contact us form.